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1. Coaching & Training

Zen Matrix world class coaches combine spiritual acumen with real-word success strategies to help you thrive through one-on-one coaching, blogging and training.

2. Culture & Connection

Zen Matrix produces remarkable transformational experiences through live special events and wellness excursions to spiritual hotspots around the world.

3. The Zen Shop

Zen Matrix makes available the highest quality spiritual gifts and tools from cultures around the world to help you feel peaceful, joyful, healthy, and prosperous.

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Zen Matrix is a global company dedicated to discovering and disseminating the world’s most effective personal development products and strategies. Whether embedded in the spiritual traditions of ancient cultures, emerging from the latest developments in scientific inquiry or originating from the minds of today's top business strategists.

Coaching & Training

Just three simple steps to change your life forever.

1. Find Your Why.

You came into this world with a purpose; a reason for being. And somewhere along the way you lost sight of it. Zen Matrix helps you unearth your original genius and bring it back to life.

2. Embrace Your Power.

The moment you step foot on your path, your inner demons will arrive to end your dream before it can begin. Zen Matrix helps you unpack and overcome the internal blocks holding you back.

3. Reach Your Peak.

You have direction. You have confidence. Now you need an action plan. Zen Matrix helps you craft a step-by-step strategy for achieving your goals, and provides the support you need to stay on target.

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Innervation Nation - A Zen Matrix Blog



Understanding Self–Compassion As a coach and meditation teacher I talk about self compassion a lot. Why?  Because it is at the root of much of our

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Our company


We want to build a peaceful, prosperous world by helping each individual to find authenticiy, joy and success.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed the most important contribution we can make to society is to discover and embody our authentic selves. In this spirit Zen Matrix aims to improve our society one amazing, life-changing transformation at a time.

General Questions

Currently, Zen Matrix offers personal coaching (individual and group), and access to the latest and most effective self-help strategies (via the blog). However, just like you, we are evolving. Soon we will offer transformational live travel experiences (beginning with our Innervation program April 2021) as well as virtual events and courses as well.

Innervation is a coaching program developed by Zen Matrix. It involves three principle components. First, Zen Matrix uses narrative psychology to help you build a powerful personal story. We call this “finding your why.” We then use Core Energy Coaching to discover and overcome the inner blocks are holding you back. Finally, we help you build a practical strategy for overcoming the external blocks holding you back so you then reach your maximum potential.

Our goal is to build a tribe of peaceful self-actualized people who help each other. We call this the Zen Matrix. In order to encourage people to join this movement we will provide access to exclusive content (trainings, e-books, and the like) as well as large discounts on other Zen Matrix programs. There is no risk in signing up. You can unsubscribe at any time, although we’re betting you’ll get great value from participating and will stay with us for a long time.

Zen Matrix was co-founded by entrepreneurs Brandon Millett, a certified professional coach, and Laura Law Millett, a West Point graduate and Army veteran. Their previous company, recently acquired by PBS, focused on bridging the gap between the military and civilian communities. Now, through  Zen Matrix, they are building an enterprise, comprised of the world’s best coaches and spiritual practitioners, to help each individual to live to their full potential, thereby creating a more peaceful, joyful world.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

Joseph campbell

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