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10 Tips On Building An Intentionally Mindful Living | Mindfulness Practice
Mindful Living Practice

10 Tips On Building An Intentional Mindful Living

Imagine, for a moment, that you are the person sitting on that dock. What might that feel like ? What are the smells around you? Is it warm or cool? Do you have your shoes on or are your feet submerged in that beautifully calm water. If so, how does that feel? What are the sounds of nature around you? How do you feel in this place? Perhaps more peaceful, calmer, or maybe in the midst of this peacefulness you have become more aware of your inner thoughts or inner chatter.

What is Mindful Living

You just practiced a moment of mindfulness… but how do you sustain it throughout your day, your life? That is the challenge, or what I would say, the opportunity. Let’s take one day in your life and talk about what it truly means to live mindfully. What is mindful living? It is simply practicing awareness of yourself [ body, mind, heart] and the world around you.

Take a moment to think about what this means to you? Perhaps write down some keywords. The next question is, how do we accomplish this? For everyone there will be a different path. I can share with you what I do, but as a transformational coach, my role is to give you the guidance to discover your own path. So, let’s talk about some options and suggestions

Mindful Living In Every Day Life

1]  Having a consistent meditation practice certainly is a great way to set the stage . As a meditation teacher , I could go on about the immense benefits of a daily sitting practice . Right now let’s just stick to some practicalities. We are all beautifully unique. We all are coming from different situations which may or may not lend itself to sitting and meditating even 10 minutes a day . If that is the case then what might be some other ways to develop your mindful life.

2] When you wake up in the morning, how about setting a committed intention to live mindfully throughout your day . Another way to look at it is living with compassionate awareness .The point is, discover your own way of setting the intention first thing in the morning.

3] What can you do to set the stage with a mindful body? After all, if you are on a path of self development and spiritual growth, transformation is a 360 degree process of body, mind, and spirit. My choice is yoga but you may find running, kickboxing, swimming etc… The point is not what you do, but that you do, and make it an intentional doing.

4] while you are doing whatever you are doing try practicing a little sensory awareness ie; really listen to the sounds around you, the smells, the colors and how your body feels.

5] check in with your thoughts. How are your thoughts in any moment? Focused, calm, energetic? Or perhaps you are having a day that you’re thinking process feels more scattered, less clear, maybe there is a lot of internal chatter? Again, the point is, to just observe without judgement , just notice…

6] When engaging with other people, check in, are you really, really listening to them and being present or are your thoughts taking you elsewhere?? Have you ever been sitting in a meeting or class and start thinking about what you will have for lunch or dinner? Hmmm, sound familiar. Just observe….

7] That brings me to when you are eating. How can you practice eating mindfully? Check in and see how you are eating , and again try practicing a little sensory awareness around whatever food you are taking in.

8] one of my favorites is to practice a little loving kindness with strangers throughout the day by simply wishing someone happiness, health, love, peace etc…. Living in NYC, I find myself doing this often when I am on a subway or walking on a crowded street. It is amazing how just giving someone the gift of a positive wish can lift your own spirits. PS; no need to be verbal about it – just think it….

9] Practice just observing yourself , your environment and others without judgement. Hmmm, I find this is a big one for most people as most of the time we don’t even realize how many negative judgement thoughts we have during the day.

10] at night, perhaps set an intention to sleep mindfully. What might that mean to you?

CONGRADULATIONS! You are a path to mindful living with more awareness, more mindful life..

Start small with all or any of these suggestions, just a simple daily intentional mindfulness practice.

You will be amazed how quickly this will turn into good habits and a way of life….

Patricia Sarnataro

Patricia Sarnataro is a certified coach and member of ICF, she is also certified in The Energy Leadership Index, 2 certifications in meditation, TTY-500 hr yoga, and is an artist, designer, creator. Patricia specializes in transition coaching and creative thinking.

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