Month: May 2022

10 Spiritual Hotspots to Rejuvenate Your Soul

While Vegas and Disneyland are certainly worthy escapes, pandemic-weary travelers are increasingly opting for a more spiritual brand of rejuvenation. If you are looking for more chill than thrill in your next excursion, consider these ten spiritual hotspots. 1. Es Vedra, Spain Just off the southwest coast of Spain lies a limestone island named Es …

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Strategy of Transformational Fcous

Transformational Focus During Uncertainty

It is natural to do our best to make sense out of everything happening in our world both at the micro and macro levels (even when it is business as usual) so we can make it to where we would like be through transformation. As we transition through ambiguous and somewhat uncertain times setting our …

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Self Compassion Tips in Tough Times

Understanding Self–Compassion As a coach and meditation teacher I talk about self compassion a lot. Why?  Because it is at the root of much of our discomfort. We can be horribly mean to ourselves. Often, in ways we may not always be consciously aware of. Think about it for a moment. In any given day, can …

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