About Zen Matrix

We are building a global community committed to peace and personal growth.

Mission and Vision

We Help You Come to Life!

Zen Matrix offers the most effective personal development products and programs embedded in the spiritual traditions of ancient cultures, emerging from the latest developments in scientific inquiry, and originating from the minds of today’s top achievers. Sign up below to receive the latest trends in personal development plus special deals on Zen Matrix products and programs. It’s free!

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver first-class wellness products, experiences, information and interventions to people who want more vitality and joy in their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world full of prosperity and peace by helping individuals find authenticity, passion, joy and a reason for being.

Our Products and Services

The Zen Shop

We offer high quality spiritual gifts and tools from cultures around the world.

Live Events

We offer live events and excursions to awe-inspiring locations around the world.


We offer private and group coaching for people who want more vitality and success in life.


We scour the globe daily for the latest news on personal and spiritual development.


We consult with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses.

Online Events

We offer online trainings, courses and events for living-room-learners.

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An Origin Story

From War...

For over a decade, Zen Matrix founders Brandon Millett and Laura Law were immersed in the subject of war and conflict. In 2007, the pair launched a production company and film festival to educate the public about the military experience inside and outside the arena of war. 

The company grew exponentially, involving luminaries such as Former First Lady Michelle Obama and actors Adam Driver, Gary Sinise, Glenn Close, and Peter Berg, to name a few.

To Peace.

After reviewing more than 3,000 military films, hosting over 500 events, Brandon and Laura negotiated an acquisition deal with PBS for ownership of their enterprise. They moved to Japan and visited dozens of countries and cultures on the other side of the world.

On this journey, they became determined to create a new kind of venture; one that would focus on bringing more joy and peace to the world. They named this company Zen Matrix to reflect an east-west balance in its philosophy and programs.