The Zen Matrix System

We offer a diverse set of tools that address the spiritual and practical aspects of the human nexperience.

This is why we're different...

Have you ever been to an amazing spiritual retreat where you dive deep into your source energy? You return home replenished and grounded, but without a plan for how to sustain your newfound inner-peace. Soon it begins to dissipate and you are back to where you started.

Converseley, have you ever been to one of those awesome motivational seminars where you learn strategies for accomplishing your goals? You return home and climb the ladder of success only to find out it is leaning against the wrong wall. So down the ladder you go back to where you started.

At Zen Matrix, we value both your spiritual needs and your practical reality. Our system leverages the wisdom of many different disciplines – east and west – to develop holistic programs capable of serving you in all your glorious complexity. And then we plug you into a community to provide support and accountability along your journey.

Soul + Science + strategy = success

The Zen Matrix Formula


We begin with the believe that each of us comes to this world with a unique purpose. People who ignore purpose live empty, mundane lives. People who embrace purpose experience joy and fulfillment. We call this piece Finding Your Why.


While we embrace the mystery of existence, we also realize that this world operates under certain scientific principles that can teach us how to live. People who ignore these teachings tend to drift from one experience to another. People who embrace them are grounded and productive.


We believe the universe will provide. But we also believe the universe rewards action. And in order to take proper action, you require a strategy. People who ignore strategy start things but never finish them. People who embrace strategy start and finish.


We believe there is tremendous value in the journey. We believe in finding joy in the present moment. And loving the experience of being alive. But we also recognize the human drive to achieve personal goals. We do not obsess over these worldly things. Rather, we learn to play with them.

Zen Matrix "Innerventions"

The ACorn theory

The acorn has all of the genius it needs to become the oak. Your genius has always been with you.

the hero's journey

Every person must go through the same 10-step psychological process to become the hero of their story.

Zen Venn
zenVenn diagram

Your true purpose lies at the intersection of four main factors.  This is your ZenVenn Diagram.

7 levels of energy

There are 7 different ways you can show up to every situation. Learn to control them to succeed.

the spin cycle

Master the force behind every decision you make and take back control of your mind.

the fail factor

There are four main blocks that keep you from reaching your potential. Find them. Defeat them.

shadow dancing

Controlling your emotions means diving deep into your psyche where few dare to travel.


You must make sure your ladder is leaning against the right wall before you climb. Here’s how.

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