Badass Leaders Do It Like This

Rolling over in my ridiculously warm, cozy bed I notice the faint warming light coming from the bookshelf across the room. That was the best $20 investment I’ve made this year, I think to myself. An alarm clock that’s less alarm and more ease and flow. It’s one of those handy dandy clocks that play a variety of sounds and has a progressive natural light. About 30 minutes before my actual alarm sounds, this light begins to glow and slowly gets brighter simulating natural light, as in from the big yellow thing rising in the sky. 

My natural circadian pattern has come back these days and I tend to wake up a few moments before my actual alarm. The warm light fills my room and it feels hella better than being jarred awake with some god-awful horn sound. I find myself taking the moments when I first open my eyes to appreciate all the things that my life is about. Right on down to the soft sheets, the gentle alarm clock, the sounds of the birds singing outside my balcony. Hold on, stay with me. All this is deeply connected to leadership Excellence. My leadership of myself and my day directly impact my business success. Not to mention my health and life and level of fun.

Awareness of how you start your day is one area where my aspiring entrepreneurs coaching is greater success and fulfillment. Beginning your day with intention and awareness is a powerful way to lead. You set up your day for a higher level of engagement not to mention that you’re showing yourself great respect by prioritizing mental and emotional well being. You can’t expect others like your clients or employees to respect your time and energy if you’re not first showing it to yourself. Badass leaders are conscious leaders. And conscious leaders are those who find ways to begin their days with awareness and intention.

I don’t use my phone as an alarm anymore because I found it hard not to check email, texts and social media when I picked up my phone. We are hella conditioned to do this and it’s not a mindful way to begin your day. Taking the time to begin your day with intention and awareness allows you the ability to get aligned with YOU and how you want to show up that day. Mental and emotional time, not to mention physical time for a workout or moving your body in some way, are ways you deliberately create your success and momentum to attract more of what you desire. When I take the time to “get right with me before I f*cks with thee” is my way of setting myself up for the best day possible. I’m calmer when I begin to check emails and notifications which allows me to handle possible problems from a clear, mindful and grounded place. My stress levels are reduced and I’m able to tap into my higher self for more creative solutions. But try it for yourself. Pick one thing to do to start your day in a more mindful, aware way.

Meditation, not checking email before a certain time, work out, write, go for a walk outside, mindful breathing, and the list goes on.  The point is, try out one thing and see how it goes. Then add another and another until you have this dope ass morning time just for you where you get your mind, body and spirit aligned. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better and your business will be better too. Let me know what you decide to start doing to improve your leadership of self

Brooke Giguere

Brooke Giguere is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer at Zen Matrix