Messages from the Matrix

10 Spiritual Hotspots to Rejuvenate Your Soul

While Vegas and Disneyland are certainly worthy escapes, pandemic-weary travelers are increasingly opting for a more spiritual brand of rejuvenation. If you are looking for more chill than thrill in your next excursion, consider these ten spiritual hotspots. 1.

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Is Love the Key to Happiness?

Is love the key to happiness? Well isn’t that the question of the Century?! The fact of the matter is that there is no simple answer. However, what you’re about to read I hope will help you find your

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Self Compassion Tips in Tough Times

Understanding Self–Compassion As a coach and meditation teacher I talk about self compassion a lot. Why?  Because it is at the root of much of our discomfort. We can be horribly mean to ourselves. Often, in ways we may not

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How To Believe In Yourself

Hanging up the phone with my Mom and I can feel my face is flushed and red as hell.  I’m angry.  Actually, scratch that.  I’m pissed.  I can hear her words echoing in my head and they are so

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