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What is the Energy Leadership Index?

The ELI Measures and Helps Raise Your Vibratory Signature

The law of attraction states that things, objects, and people of a similar energy attract each other. In other words, “like attracts like.”

The majority of people across the globe believe in the Law of Attraction but find it difficult to apply.

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment and debrief is a proprietary, research-backed tool that measures a person’s vibratory signature, or Average Resonating Level (A.R.L), and then provides a customized solution for raising energy levels.

What's Your A.R.L.?

Your A.R.L. is your Average Resonating Level. This is how you show up to the world. And it is the number one factor that determines your overall level of life satisfaction.

According to a study of over 30,000 participants, people with higher A.R.L.’s are statistically more satisfied with all aspects of their lives–from relationships and personal freedom to communication skills and leadership.

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment provides a unique lens on self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

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The ELI is Based on the 3 Laws of Energy

1. everything is Energy

2. We are interconnected

3. Nature seeks harmony

Quantum physicists such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck taught us that the things in our world that we see and touch consist amost exclusively of energy and almost zero matter.

All of these “things” in the known universe are connected by a web of energy, or, to use Einstein’s  word, a “field. This phenomenon is known as “entanglement.”

Just like fireflies flashing in unison our energy levels synchronize to the vibrations of those around us. This is known as “entrainment.” And in nature, the strongest vibration “wins.”

It Shows You How to Choose Your State


Anabolic energy releases positive hormones such as HGH.

When we're in an anabolic place, we feel connected, happy, construcve, and engaging. We feel hopeful about the future. We feel collaborave.


Catabolic energy releases negative hormones such as cortisol.

When we're in a catabolic place, we usually operate at one of two speeds, overwhelmed or angry.

And Raises Your Vibration Levels

Within the two broad categories of energy, anabolic and catabolic, there are 7 levels of energy we may embody at any given time. The first two levels are catabolic in nature. However, beginning in level 3 we begin to shift into anabolic energy. 

Most of us stumble up and down the 7 Levels of Energy unconsciously based on external circumstances. However, the Energy Leadership Index and Debrief helps us consciously choose our energy levels, attract the things we want, and repel the things we don’t want.

So You Become Irresistable to Success

Meet Your Coach

Brandon Millett, MAP, CPC, ELI-MP

Brandon Millett is a certified professional coach, a master practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, and the co-founder and ceo of Zen Matrix. He earned his coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), endorsed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University. 

"Brandon helped me to unravel some major blocks so I could finally allow myself to achieve the massive success that I had long resisted.”

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