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Finding The Gift In Adversity

Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

You’ve heard this phrase, I’m sure. It’s popular. It’s a “go-to” option when something happens to someone we know and care for that is somehow unenjoyable, unpleasant or worse. It may even be a phrase you use for yourself in challenging times. The intention behind it is caring – it is meant to lighten the load of trying to figure out why something “bad” happened or why something didn’t go the way we planned. It’s no secret that it would be easier if we could just know why. It would bring about an understanding and even possible acceptance in the worst of times.

Path to spiritual Growth

The idea is that there is something bigger than us calling the shots. For those of us working on our spiritual growth, this is about transformation, an important concept. However, that doesn’t make it an easy one. Not everyone is prepared to give up the control that’s missing in not knowing the answer.

Important Lessons of Spiritual Growth Transformation

I want to spin this on its head a bit, and put out there for thought: What if the things we judge as happening “to” us, are actually happening “for” us? The concept is the same, but with a slightly different perspective. What if we receive it as a gift when it happens? This is not and will not always be easy, but it is through the hard stuff that we grow the most.

Using this perspective instantly removes us from being at the effect of something. Things are going to happen the way they happen sometimes, no matter how much we plan or set expectations. The one thing nothing and nobody can ever take away from us is our choice to perceive something differently. We make the choice to either continue to feel like life is against us, or to accept that life is presenting an opportunity, specifically designed for us, to grow and learn in some way.

There will always be things that happen that challenge us. There will always be tragedies. There will always be things that are presented that are completely opposite of what we hoped for. And as unconventional as the idea may seem, they all just might be the gifts we need.

Lauren Pla

Lauren Pla is a mindset empowerment coach at Zen Matrix.