We all struggle with some form of procrastination. From major life issues or work deadlines to the more mundane like doing the laundry , cleaning out a closet , finally going through a pile of clutter, paying taxes.

There is plenty of information out there on the whys and ways we procrastinate . IE: Boredom, low self confidence, anxiety, an inability to self motivate, getting fixated on negative thoughts, fears, etc, ect… SO… on top of feeling bad about what we haven’t gotten done , we start to feel bad about ourselves. We must have low self esteem for not getting rid of that pile of clutter.

We must be highly anxious or fearful for putting off a big decision or finishing a project. Then what happens? Nothing. As how could we possibly get anything done when our thoughts have weighed us down and drained our energy???

How about we look at this in a different way? Yes, there are many reasons why we put things off. Let’s take a look at the things we can attack by taking an active role in our dawdling. Hmmm, sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? Well, maybe not? How about we get a little playful with this?

First, Let’s start with some new words to replace procrastination [ after all it is a weighty word ].

This is where I love the thesaurus. You may find that using a different term may lighten the load or even help you identify the type of delaying you are doing, that is leading to not doing. Awareness is key. If you begin to recognize your unique pattern, you can choose to change it  consciously or understand that within your pattern lies creative tools that ultimately help you problem solve or process. I like: dilly-dallying, frittering, trifling , puttering 🙂

Awareness and Personal Growth Insights

Applying awareness to your patterns or habits and taking away negative self judgement may just give you the fuel to get through whatever is blocking you. Then you can begin to turn those patterns into useful tools for processing personal development and taking action.

Let me give you an example: As well as being a certified coach , I am also an artist. It is through art that I have learned to turn my dawdling into useful tools and creative rituals. How? I looked really closely at what I was avoiding and how I was avoiding. What I discovered was that many of the things I was doing or thought I wasn’t doing , were really part of my creative process, the bridge that carried me through my holding pattern to action. Through this discovery I learned to trust in the process and to trust myself, practice patience and self compassion and also have fun!

What are some things you consistently put off or delay in your life? Why do you put those things off? [ remember, no self-judgement] Take a moment to think about this. It’s really helpful to write them down. It could be anything from simple activities that you don’t like to do to major life changing decisions. Notice what you ’DO’ to avoid doing. Sometimes, the avoidance has different purposes for example;  preparing your brain for an activity or giving your brain a break between tasks. The point is to really focus in on your personal habits of avoidance  and then turn those habits [ that you may judge negatively] into positive active processes. You may just discover the seed to your creative energy!!!


I am planning some workshops on how to turn your procrastinating into creative rituals…


Patricia Sarnataro

Patricia Sarnataro is a certified Personal and Professional Development Coach at Zen Matrix