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The No. 1 Energy Booster (Almost) No one is Talking About - Zen Matrix

The No. 1 Energy Booster (Almost) No one is Talking About

Red Bull is proof human beings will do literally anything to get the engines running. Even dosing ourselves with massive amounts of sugar and caffeine. 

And believe me, I’m not judging. If Starbucks launched a new coffee administered intravenously — giving new meaning to the term “drip coffee,” — it would have certainly made one of my Christmas wish lists.

However, if we truly want a lasting and healthy method of increasing both our physical and mental energy, then we have to really assess how energy works. 

The best method of boosting energy doesn’t have anything to do with diet or exercise or sleep, although all of these factors are important. It has to do with quantum physics.

I know, right? You didn’t see that coming. Let me explain.

As you probably remember from high school science class, Einsten and his quantum physics pals discovered over 100 years ago that the world we see and touch is largely an illusion. In fact, we can put a number on it. Precisely .000000001% of all “things” consists of actual matter. Including you and me. The rest is energy.

This is point one and it will be on the test. Everything is energy.

Einstein also discovered something else about this energetic universe and it freaked him out. He called it “spooky action at a distance.” But the gist of it is this: Everything in the known universe is connected by a web of energy, or a “field” to use Einstein’s word.

This phenomenon is known as “entanglement.” It is a fundamental concept in quantum physics that has been confirmed in hundreds of scientific experiments all around the world.

That’s point number too. We are all interconnected.

On to point number three: Nature seeks synchrony.

Check this out. If you were to place multiple heart cells from various donors in a petri dish, at first, they will beat to their own vibrational frequency. But left alone for a couple of days and soon they will beat in unison, and in synchrony with the strongest heart cell in the petri dish.

It is called entrainment. And it is the same principle that causes fireflies to flash in unity.

So, to sum up. We are all energy. We are all interconnected. We influence each other whether we are close or far, and we all show up in the world with a vibrational imprint that seeks to synchronize with the vibrations of others.

Often, we will match the frequency of the most powerful vibration in the room.

So, when we are feeling depleted, it is typically because some stressful person, place or thing has trapped us in low level, stagnant energy.

In this place, we are often overcome with feelings of overwhelm, sadness and depression. We do not see opportunities in front of us. We are hopeless.

Bruce D. Richardson, author of the book Energy Leadership, and the founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, the school where I earned my certification, calls this state “catabolic.”

Catabolic energy releases destructive hormones like cortisol. It triggers an older part of the brain and keeps us in a state of emotional paralysis.

The opposite state is anabolic energy. Anabolic energy is free flowing. It stimulates positive hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. We become active, creative and hopeful.

Catabolic and anabolic triggers can be literally anything; a person, a situation; a movie or television show. It can be the foods you eat, the place you live, even the clothes you wear.

So, before you grab the Red Bull, take stock of the catabolic triggers and reduce them. Then take stock of your anabolic triggers and increase them. Aim for at least an 80/20 split, anabolic to catabolic and watch how your energy soars.