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Midlife Makeover - Zen Matrix

Midlife Makeover

$1,299.00 $899.99

Lessons include:

  • Find your true life’s purpose.
  • Discover a new career and/or business.
  • Overcome all fear.
  • Become the hero of your own story.
  • Crush the inner and outer blocks holding you back.
  • Master your thoughts and emotions.
  • Create a plan that will lead to your inevitable success.

With Brandon Millett and Kristin Hiemstra


In this 8-week program, you will learn philosophies, strategies, and tools for starting over and creating a life you love at midlife. Find your true purpose. Master your energy and your thoughts. Craft the perfect plan and achieve your dreams.

Lessons include:

  • Week 1: The ACORN Project- What can your childhood teach you about your purpose.
  • Week 2: The Hero’s Journey – The 10-step process you must undertake to achieve your potential.
  • Week 3: The ZenVenn Diagram – How to find your perfect job/business/vocation.
  • Week 4: The 7 Levels of Energy – Learn to choose how you show up to life.
  • Week 5: The FAIL Factor- Learn the 4 major energy blocks and how to overcome them.
  • Week 6: The SPIN Cycle – How to master your thoughts with confidence.
  • Week 7: Shadow Dancing – Gain mastery over your emotions.
  • Week 8: AIM-SMART – Learn a powerful goal-setting strategy and make progress.
Lessons and exercises are conducted live via Zoom. (Taped versions are also available.)
Optional Bonus: The ELI Stress Assessment.