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We host training programs online to teach the Zen Matrix system and to answer your key questions.

one-on-one or group


We work with you personally one-on-one or in a group setting to create and execute your transformation plan.



We host live and virtual events that lock in the learning through lifechanging live experiences.


Live on-line training programs.

online training program #1: 4 Weeks

Jumpstart: Come Back to Life

With Brandon Millett (MAP, CPC)


In this 4-week program, you learn how to pull yourself out of a rut and start living again. Find your energy. Find your focus. Find your drive.

Lessons include:

  • Week 1: The Core Energy Factor – In this first week’s lesson we learn about the two basic types of energy and how they determine our emotions and our actions.
  • Week 2: The 7 Levels of Energy – In lesson 2 we learn about the 7 levels of energy we use to respond to every situation and how to control them.
  • Week 3: The FAIL Factor- Here we learn about the 4 major energy blocks and how to overcome them.
  • Week 4: The SPIN Cycle – In our final lesson how our emotions are often hijacked by others and how to take back control through a very powerful decision-making tool.
Lessons and exercises are conducted live via Zoom. (Taped versions also available.)
online training program #2: 8 Weeks

Midlife Mastery

Want to sample the program? Go to our Podcast page and listen to Answer the Call!

With Brandon Millett and Kristin Hiemstra


In this 8-week program, you will learn philosophies, strategies and tools for starting over and creating a life you love at midlife. Find your true purpose. Master your energy and your thoughts. Craft the perfect plan and achieve your dreams.

Lessons include:

  • Week 1: The ACORN Project- What can your childhood teach you about your purpose.
  • Week 2: The Hero’s Journey – The 10-step process you must undertake to achieve your potential.
  • Week 3: The ZenVenn Diagram – How to find your perfect job/business/vocation.
  • Week 4: The 7 Levels of Energy – Learn to choose how you show up to life.
  • Week 5: The FAIL Factor- Learn the 4 major energy blocks and how to overcome them.
  • Week 6: The SPIN Cycle – How to master your thoughts with confidence.
  • Week 7: Shadow Dancing – Gain mastery over your emotions.
  • Week 8: AIM-SMART – Learn a powerful goal-setting strategy and make progress.
Lessons and exercises are conducted live via Zoom. (Taped versions are also available.)
You will have a new midlife makeover plan upon completion or your money back!


Personal one-on-one coaching sessions with a Certified Professional Coach

What's Included


Let's find a goal that excites you and set the agenda for its unfolding.


We'll provide support 7 days a week via email. Have a question? Send us a note.


Zen Matrix coaching programs are custom designed. We are focused solely on you!

strategies & Action steps

Success requires action. We'll set clear goals & provide accountability to keep you on track.


We want you focused on your goals during coaching calls. Let us provide the recaps.

Quick Check

In between coaching calls, we'll provide quick check-ins when necessary.

Coaching Packages


6 Sessions

Sometimes we just need a little push, right? Use this coaching package to finally get going on your dream project or to pull yourself out of that little rut you’ve been sitting in for a while.


12 Sessions

Do you start things with great enthusiasm but then get tripped up at the first obstacle? You’re not alone. Select this package if you’d like a little extra support moving forward.


24 Sessions

Maybe your life needs a complete makeover. Maybe you’ve tried many times to change but it just hasn’t worked. Select this package if you seek total transformation (guaranteed)!

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