ZenBox: Summer Recovery

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This season's ZenBox has everything you need to welcome summer! The ZenBox is a great way to tell a friend you are thinking of them or can be used as a self-care kit for yourself.

The box includes:

  • A Tibetan singing bowl: perfect for opening the heart chakra (Anahata). Singing bowls reduce stress and anxiety. They help increase mental and emotional clarity and promote stillness for meditation. The green represents the heart chakra which, when opened, will allow us to feel connected to those around us. Wood striker included.
  • A beautiful embossed handmade leather bound journal; ideal to use to record personal reflections, record travel musings, sketching, and dream journaling.
  • Chakra bracelet made with lava stones and gemstones from India. Lava stone is a calming stone that helps provide connections to the earth. You can place a drop of essential oil on them to help intensify the spiritual properties.
  • Copper bowl for burning incense and smudging or for use as a decorative item in your home sanctuary. Copper is known as a healing metal that conducts spiritual energy and promotes overall well-being.
  • California white sage and rose petals smudge stick. Smudging sage has an ancient tradition of clearing negativity from the home. (ensure you keep windows open while smudging to allow negative energy to depart). Sage has also been associated with improving memory and focus and aiding in more restful sleep.
  • Lava stone magnet quantum pendant, infused with Japanese negative ion technology that is thought to help reduce stress and fatigue and promote wellness. The stylish unisex pendant goes well with any outfit.
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