The Beauty of Personal Transformational Journey

There is a beauty in transformation that can’t be found anywhere else. There is just something about a person who sets out to reinvent themselves that is mesmerizing. Transformational journeys are unique unto themselves. They involve breaking down much of what you have been told is true and finding the actual truth within. While the journey is largely focused on personal growth and development, the outside world can’t help but notice the change.

It is rare that someone transforms herself without setting out to do so. Making that choice indicates that there is a passion, an intuition, a deep knowing that you are capable of personal development and lasting change. There is a deep sense of trust in yourself. At the beginning, this self-trust may simply be a small flicker of light and not yet a raging fire. This, however, is a turning point. It’s in this moment that you can choose to follow that flicker and step out into your transformational journey or not.

So, how does it feel in the journey of transformation?

Honestly, it can be messy and confusing at first, but then it feels like coming home to yourself, to the you that you always knew was there deep down inside. Once you peel off all of the layers that do not serve you, once you rid your headspace of the beliefs that you do not need, once you tap into your intuition and your inner genius, you are you again. You’re no longer walking through life behind a wall hiding who you are, protecting yourself from scary things because you can’t handle them. You KNOW you can handle anything that comes your way, the wonderful and the difficult. You’ll be in touch with your spirituality, your higher power, the universe – however you may define it.

Personal Self development coaching is a lifetime transformational journey and that’s the beauty of it all. Each day, around each corner, you’ll find something new about yourself. It will happen in even the most routine places. It’s like reading your favorite book over and over again. Each time you are a slightly different person and you will see the characters and the plot in new ways. As you take yourself on this journey, you’ll learn to love and trust yourself more and more.

In this time, journeys like this are especially important and a transformational coach can help you find your next steps. You can choose how you wish to show up in the world rather than letting the world tell you who you are supposed to be. You can choose to trust yourself to start along this journey and then watch as that trust grows. Along the way, you’ll experience mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

As you learn to trust yourself and tap into your intuition, you’ll amaze yourself in ways you hadn’t thought possible. There will come over you a sense of calm and purpose along with a certainty about your chosen direction. So, as Mary Oliver asks in The Summer Day, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke, CPC, ELI-MP is a Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach at Zen Matrix, who helps to create a custom plan to reach your Passion and Power