Three Important Questions to Ask Right Now

We are in the middle of a downpour of information, rumors, and confusion. Whether we find ourselves working on our personal growth, under a new temporary remote worker policy or working with folks 6 feet apart in an office, today’s climate is baffling and can be just plain overwhelming.  It’s enough to force us to ask some hard questions about life.

Three Simple Questions to Ask

Let’s use this gift of a the slow down to do some soul searching to help move our lives in the right direction.

1. What actions and feelings matter most to us?

2. What do we really want out of life?

3. What is our version of happiness at this time?

These are valuable initial self-awareness questions and are key to personal growth for anyone who wants to move through life consciously and with purpose.  A good life coach can help you find these answers and point you on the path for success. Your spiritual development journey begin with questions.

What to do? Who to be?

Some people walk in the rain, others just get drenched – Roger Miller

I was on my morning walk and it began to rain…. then it began to pour. My immediate thought was, “Oh no. This was not smart. How will this long walk in the rain affect my health? I am definitely going to catch a cold and then it will be curtains. What was I thinking coming out here today?” and so on and so forth (the mind is amazing, isn’t it?).

I watched people, some lowered their eyes and shoulders as they huddled under awnings. Some became concave and walked quickly. Some stood up even straighter and power-walked. The volume of rain escalated, and the world seemed to move faster.

Then I turned my attention back to me. I was ten blocks from home.

At first, I wrapped my oversized shawl around my head, pulled my rib cage in and began making my way through the crosswalks. My breathing became shallow and I noticed I was not having fun. So, I changed my approach (after all it was nine more blocks home no matter what my posture was or what I believed); I extended my arms holding my shawl over my head. 

I made a conscious decision to be present in the moment.  I saw the rain as a blessing to quench the dry earth and I saw my opportunity to experience the sight, sound and smells of the fresh summer rain.  The change in my mindset resulted in an intense work out for my arms and a feeling of connection with humanity. This was a more productive way to handle the situation and it also may have provided a possible boost to my immune system.

When we get clear about what we want, the world responds with clarity.**

Take care, breathe deep, and keep moving as part of your personal growth journey.


Blakely Smith

Blakely Smith

Blakely is a Personal Growth Coach for Excellence at Zen Matrix