Strategy of Transformational Fcous

Transformational Focus During Uncertainty

It is natural to do our best to make sense out of everything happening in our world both at the micro and macro levels (even when it is business as usual) so we can make it to where we would like be through transformation. As we transition through ambiguous and somewhat uncertain times setting our sights on goals and outcomes can be useful…to an extent.

Focus On The Transformational Journey

In fluid times, it may be more useful to ourselves and others when we focus on the transformational journey and how we walk through it, rather than the attainment of an end state, especially when we are navigating the collective ocean during a time when possibilities are shifting. When we are looking to bring about an outcome, we are often searching for a desired feeling in addition to the actual thing we are outwardly seeking. Our desired outcomes motivate us, yet operating from an awareness of what we value and want to feel, is what takes us closer to what we want, especially in a storm. The inner experience is always available if we are willing to be curious about how to create it.

Knowing the core energy behind our thoughts allows us to show up in a way that matches our integrity and meets others where they are. Each moment describes who we are, and gives us the opportunity to decide if that’s who we want to be*

How can we transform our focus?

Control the sail, not the wind. *
In what ways can you align within yourself so that you better serve others?

As I watched the suit shop that I have walked by for the past decade two blocks from my home go up in flames several months ago during a time of rioting in the city, I searched for answers to the whys of the startling and tragic events that have gone on in the past months. While I cannot begin to know the pain of our fellow citizens who have lost loved ones, within myself I have been searching for meaning in it. After hours of not finding any, I became confused and distressed especially when I tried to consider what would happen next.

Then I got quiet and remembered that if I want peace….it starts with me. What’s my action here? Am I to be lethargic, cooperative, or wise? What do I want to feel?

The mind’s default is to find what’s next through problem solving and fact finding. This type of activity can actually create more anxiety. (click here to learn more). Anxiety makes absolute sense when any goal we create becomes a moving target amid a rapidly changing environment, so what do we do? 

1. We identify the feelings that show up for us day to day. (Click here for more information).

2. We identify what we can and can not influence in our worlds.

For the things we can influence, identify the type of influence we would like to have.

Strategy Begins with Transformational Focus. So Make a plan.

Question our assumptions (about ourselves and others).

Meet others where they are.

Take care and take it easy.

Blakely Smith

Blakely is a Certified Professional Personal Growth Coach for Excellence at Zen Matrix

Transformational Journey