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What Is About Trusting The Process | Transformational Coaching
Trust the Process

Trusting The Process

I’m currently running a group program that focuses on ten distinct disciplines, or philosophies, that when adopted and practiced, can have a profound effect on our overall energetic vibration. It begins with Awareness, then Acceptance, and once those two are in place, it leads to the ability of Conscious Choice. As magical as those first three disciplines are, the one that comes after is Trusting the Process. This is the one I want to talk about today.

For the past six or so months, the world that we’ve been accustomed to has changed. It may have felt out of control and unfair. For many it has been scary. Our minds are wired to survive, and when we lose the capacity to plan for that survival, well, it’s easy for fear to take over. This not only makes sense emotionally, but it actually makes sense scientifically. You will not hear me make light of these feelings or tell anyone they shouldn’t feel fear. In the right context fear can be a blessing. For instance, if you are attacked, that fear releases adrenaline and gives you the energy you need to fight or run. Even with the new world circumstances, fear may have been the kick you needed to fabricate a new course. Fear serves a purpose sometimes, and I certainly don’t underestimate it

However, it’s also easy to get stuck in fear.

This is when Trusting the Process can really be useful. The simplest way to understand this idea is to consider that every experience has value. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. When you are faced with something that is scary or challenging, how might you handle it differently if you know it’s shaping you and giving you what you need to make you stronger, more resilient? It is a frame of mind where you can accept that whatever is happening is happening FOR you, instead of happening TO you. It is releasing your expectations and leaning into trust – of the process, of yourself, and if you are spiritual, of the Universe or God or Source.

What Trusting the Process is not, is looking back on something that happened and creating a reason around it. Hindsight is 20/20, and it’s easy to accept that something “happened for a reason” once you are out of the situation. Although this can help build resilience for a future challenge.

When you truly Trust the Process, you are able to learn from it while you are in it.

  • What is the situation trying teach you?
  • What do you now know that you didn’t know previously?

Asking these questions in the moment can help you see more clearly and adjust your sails accordingly. Having full Trust that things are happening as they are meant to is a superpower that you can use all of the time to build your faith that everything will turn out okay, and even better than you thought.

No matter how much you plan, life is going to happen the way it happens sometimes. When you release your grip on fighting against it, you immediately reduce stress and think more clearly.

So how will you Trust the Process next time?

Lauren Pla

Lauren Pla is a mindset empowerment coach at Zen Matrix

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